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We try send information that will be of value and benefit you. We do not want to provide emails that you have no interest in. Our relationship with you is critical, and want to make sure you only receive the information you desire.

Select the type of communications listed below that you would like to stop receiving and click submit. This action will put you on an opt-out list for that type of communication only, and will prevent you from receiving more email communications that do not apply or interest you. You can change the default value by clicking the toggle. Green indicates you are subscribing to the list, while Red indicates you would like to be removed from the list. If you need to subscribe to or unsubscribe from all these communications, we have provided an easier way for you to update your preferences thru the last option “Unsubscribe from/Subscribe to all the lists above”.

Types of Communication:

Events & Tradeshows

Email communications about events and tradeshows ProTeam will attend including exclusive offers.

Promotions and Rewards

Promotional offers, rebates, and rewards available in the United States and/or Canada


Emails related to system cleaning reports and ProTeam University.


Team Cleaning and training programs

New Product Launches

Emails related to New products from ProTeam

Product & Service Updates

Required information about updates to products and services

Price/Program changes

Required information about updates to pricing and programs

Industry Specific

Valuable information strategically offered based on your specific industry needs. You can only sign up for one industry, focusing on your primary business.

Choose Your Industry
Other Emails

Some transactional emails such as “Thank you” for contact us emails may also include an offer as a thank you. Also includes welcome and holiday greetings emails from ProTeam.

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